Mini Buddhas- 75g x 2
$ 9.99

Introducing The New, High Quality, Air Purifying Bag by Buddha Fresh: Get Rid Of Odors Once  And For All

Let me ask you a few short questions:

  • Are you suffering from a raging case of stinky feet because of your shoes?
  • Do your dogs avoid chewing your shoes due to the horrible smell?
  • Do your gym bags, luggage and sporting equipment make you and others wrinkle your noses when you walk by? 

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this eco air freshener by Buddha Fresh is a must buy for you!

Will You Miss This Chance Get Rid Of Unwanted & Embarassing Odors?

The Mini Buddha is a natural alternative to chemical fresheners. It achieves the same or even better results than traditional air fresheners –thanks to the material it’s made from: bamboo – a natural deodorizer and air purifier.

It’s also biodegradable which means that will be decomposed if its dumped into the soil!

How It Can Help You:

  • Simply place your Mini Buddha in the stinky area and it will absorb all odors, bacteria and harmful pollutants.
  • It works at peak performance without jeopardizing your health since it’s 100% safe to use – It’s also safe for kids or pets.
  • It doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, fragnances, petroleum distillates etc.

The Mini Buddha is an economical solution that even SAVES YOU MONEY since it lasts up to 2 years – imagine how many air fresheners you would have to buy during these 2 years and compare the total expenses to Buddha Fresh mini bag!

Don’t Miss This Chance To Get It – Place Your Order Now!